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Floral & Spicy

Perfume With A Purpose

Live Everday Better By Adding Aromatherapy To Your Perfume

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Relax In A Cup of Tea

Bath Tea Bags

A unique blend of botanical oils and coconut milk to sooth your body & soul

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Shine Bright

Whipped Body Butter

Infused with mango butter to protect your skin and make it shine

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Bathe In A Cup Of Tea

Sooth Your Muscles Post-Work Out, Tone Your Skin, & Relax Your Mind, Naturally. 

I LOVE these tea bags! My skin was dry and dull, but this added moisture and made my skin feel silky. I also have Dyshidrotic Eczema(blisters on my hands and feet from using certain products) and these tea bags are so natural that my skin is softer, I’m not itching, and my hands and feet aren’t blistering up. I recommend trying it if you want to soothe your eczema.

Brittany Bleaux

These tea bags smell amazing and leave my skin feeling soft. This product has become a new staple for me. Definitely will be buying again!

Aubrey Beatty

These tea bags have made be change my post-workout shower to a post-workout bath. It soothes my muscle aches and helps me recover faster. I literally can wake up the next morning with no muscle pain. Need to buy more because I use them after every intense workout!

Ashley Hanson

All Natural Perfumes


I am literally in love with this perfume. Its unique scent is mainly floral but has a deeper wood note that confers it true character. I love how intense and durable it is and the fact that you can smell the pure essential oils, without a trace of alcohol or any other chemicals. Apart from a true treat for your senses, it’s totally safe. The basket in which it is presented is the cutest touch, and it reminds you how natural this perfume is. I simply cannot have enough of it. Thank You Lili Aromatherapy!!

Sonia Felipe

I love the Trio De Lotus All Natural Perfume the scent last for hours and has a beautiful aroma.

Kelly Wilson

I love the smell of gardenia, but it is a bit to sweet to wear on its own. Enter this delish perfume that stikes the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. Black pepper is such an interesting scent, and it pairs incredibly well with gardenia here. I always feel good wearing this scent! It's my go-to confident perfume!