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Understanding Aromatherapy – Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

by Rasha Hisham |

 Everybody loves to use cinnamon in baking and cooking, and some people even use it in their DIY skin care treatments. But how much do you know about cinnamon essential oil?

Cinnamon essential oil is extracted by distillation from the exotic Lauraceae botanical plant that is native to Sri Lanka. There are two types of essential oil produced from the cinnamon plant, cinnamon leaf essential oil which extracted from the leaves and twigs of the plant and cinnamon bark essential oil which is extracted from the inner bark of the plant. Cinnamon leaf essential oil is more commonly used for aromatherapy and skin care as it is less potent and more suitable to all skins types including sensitive skin.


Cinnamon leaf essential oil has warming and antispasmodic effect on the body; this makes it excellent to use on muscle aches and pains. Recent studies have found that cinnamon leaf essential oil can be used to reduce the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

It is important when applying cinnamon leaf essential oil on the body to dilute it with carrier oils or use body care products such as lotions or body scrubs, which contain it as an ingredient.


Cellulite consists of fat cells and fluid that is trapped between connective tissue within the skin, giving the appearance of bumps and ripples and that cottage cheese appearance. In order to reduce the appearance of cellulite, you must strengthen the connective tissue within the skin. Cinnamon leaf essential oil does just that. It increases blood flow to the area improving circulation and strengthening connective tissue. As the connective tissue strengthens, the fat cells and fluid, which is collected, is unable to push against the connective tissue to create the ripples and bumps; thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite. 


For centuries, cinnamon essential oils have been known to not only warm the body but warm the mind as well. Cinnamon essential oils are known to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.  

So remember to include cinnamon in all areas of your life and not only in your cinnamon buns.


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