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Jasmine Essential Oil: Benefits

  In this post, we would like to feature one of our favourites, Jasmine essential oil. The Jasmine flower is commonly found across Asia. Its white appearance symbolises purity and as such you will find them used as a hair accessory by women in Asia when they go to visit temples and for special occasions. Apart from its sweet and pleasant esthetics, the oils extracted from the flower have a beautiful exotic floral aroma and a vast array of benefits for your body and mind. This post covers some of the jasmine essential oil benefits. Uplifting Experience  The aroma of Jasmine essential oil is found to clear and uplift your mind, serving to be a good anti-depressant. Jasmine essential oil can be used to clear your head after a long day of work or for a more satisfying experience, save its use until the end of your work week. Moreover, jasmine essential oil is known to have an aphrodisiac effect, enhancing your libido levels.   Great Skin  The Jasmine essential oil skin benefits are vast. Jasmine essential oil has the unique ability to balance hydration levels in the skin; enabling it to treat dry and dehydrated skin. This ability coupled with its antiseptic properties gives this powerful essential oil the ability to treat common skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.  Jasmine essential oil is a cicatrisant which means it has the ability to promote cell regeneration and thereby fade scars and stretch marks. By using a body scrub that is infused with jasmine essential oil, you will be able to both remove the dead skin cells which darken scars and stretch marks but also fade the scars and stretch marks themselves by promoting skin regeneration.  Peaceful Sleep and Powerful Calming Effect Some of you may be wondering, is jasmine essential oil good for sleep? A recent German research study found that jasmine essential oil triggered receptors in the brain responsible for relieving anxiety and controlling emotions five times more than sedatives, sleeping pills, and anti-anxiety medication. The smell of jasmine essential oil has the ability to calm nerves, relieve stress, and promote a good night sleep. In today's society of working long hours in high-stress environments, many of us are looking for an all natural and healthy way to relieve stress; jasmine essential oil provides just that. The name jasmine translates to 'a gift from God' in Persian; this is well suited given its miraculous benefits. From skin to the soul, jasmine essential oil will truly improve your life.  #theliliexperience