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Spiced Frangipani </br>All Natural Perfume
Spiced Frangipani </br>All Natural Perfume
Spiced Frangipani </br>All Natural Perfume

Lili Aromatherapy

Spiced Frangipani
All Natural Perfume


Scent Profile: Fresh Spicy + Light Floral

Aromatherapy Profile: Energizing + Invigorating

Spiced Frangipani combines the refreshing, tropical fragrance of frangipani with the intensity of ginger creating the perfect harmony of floral and spice.

Lili Aromatherapy perfumes are specially formulated with unique combinations of essential oils. They are all natural and do not contain any preservatives or artificial fragrances. 

Patch Test

As with all products, even natural products, always conduct a patch test before usage of product on skin. Spray perfume directly onto a patch of skin and wait for 12 hours. If no irritation or discomfort occurs, continue to use a directed. If irritation occurs, please consult a physician.


Spray perfume 6 to 10 inches away from skin and/or clothing.

For External Use Only

Do Not Consume

All benefits noted are based on purported benefits of active ingredients and for guidance and/or informative purposes only. Perfumes should not be used for medical purposes and are not intend to cure and/or aid in the treatment of any disease or ailments.

Frangipani Essential Oil

In ancient India, the frangipani tree was known as the tree of life; both for its miraculous benefits and for regenerative abilities.

Frangipani flowers have been used in perfume making for centuries. They have light floral scent, which isn't overtly feminine but soft and delicate. Frangipani's beautiful comes with an array of an emotional benefits. Frangipani essential oil has been found to improve confidence, reduce stress, and invoke relaxation.

Ginger Essential Oil

The scents of Lili Aromatherapy perfume are a contrast between floral and spice. In our Spiced Frangipani perfume, we chose to offset the light floral fragrance of frangipani with the refreshing scent of ginger.

Ginger provides a light freshness to this perfume, making it a perfect daytime fragrance. This spicy scent comes with a host of benefits. Ginger essential oil has been found to invigorate your senses, relieving fatigue and exhaustion.

Patchouli Essential Oil

The strong, seductive scent of patchouli is the perfect finishing note. Its heady aroma has a range of aromatherapy benefits. It has been found to uplift your mood reducing feelings of anger, anxiety, and sadness. 

Ingredients: Ethanol; Citrus Bergamia Oil; Hyacinthus Oil; Citrus × Sinensis Oil; Plumeria Oil; Cymbopogon Martinii Oil; Pogostemon Cablin Oil; Helichrysum Italicum Oil; Distilled Water

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Spiced Frangipani </br>All Natural Perfume

Spiced Frangipani
All Natural Perfume