The Story of Lili Aromatherapy

“Stand on a beach, feel the sand in your toes, and breathe in the tropical air. Experience the scent of paradise through Lili Aromatherapy's body care range.”

Our goal at Lili Aromatherapy is to provide you with exotic spa quality products, that you can use in the comfort of your home. We enable our customers to benefit from the healing powers of aromatherapy through our aromatherapy body scrubs.


We founded Lili Aromatherapy through our love of visiting spas and healing centres during our travels abroad. Having lived in Sri Lanka for a large portion of our lives, we quickly came to realise that most of the healing ingredients used in luxurious spa treatments were indigenous to Sri Lanka and used in many native beauty treatments. We quickly found ourselves trying to develop a product in order to share the benefits of these Sri Lankan beauty treatments with the world and that is how Lili Aromatherapy Body Scrubs were born.