Helping Sri Lanka and the World

One of our driving reasons to found Lili Aromatherapy was to give back to the world in ways that are difficult to do when you are in a conventional 9 to 5 job. 

Therefore we give a percentage of our profits from all sales of Lili Aromatherapy Body Scrub to a selected charity. We rotate the charity we choose to donate to on a regular basis so that we can assist more organisations and help far wider number of causes. 

We intend to focus on charities primarily in Sri Lanka, as Lili Aromatherapy is based in Sri Lanka and sources its core ingredients from small businesses within the island. 

In addition to helping charities within Sri Lanka, we may sometime provide funds to international charities focused on causes which are to profound to ignore. 

In the upcoming months, we will profile our selected charities on this page. Stay tuned to learn how your purchase is helping Sri Lanka and the world.