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Why Wear The Same Perfume Everyday?

A Set of 6 All Natural Perfumes, expertly formulated to be worn alone or layered to create 350+ unique scents; so you have the perfect scent for every occasion.


6 All Natural Perfumes, 350+ Unique Scents

All 6 of our perfumes have been expertly formulated to be layered. Each note was carefully selected to blend harmoniously when layered; ensuring any combination of our perfumes smell amazing.

Layering our perfumes will allow you to create 350+ unique scents. So you have the perfect scent for every occasion.


Less Chemicals In Your Life

A recent study found that the average woman's daily grooming and make-up routine means she applies a staggering 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body every single day.

On average 250 of those synthetic chemicals are only from perfume. The synthetic chemicals have been found to cause allergies, rashes, and hormone imbalances.

That's why our perfumes are formulated with ZERO synthetic chemicals.

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Our Scent Journey Sampler set is the perfect way to try all 6 of our all natural perfumes. It allows you to try our perfumes alone or layered; before committing to the full size set.

Each perfume is perfectly sized at 2.5 ml. The perfect size to take with you in your purse or makeup bag.

Even though its a sampler, it packs a punch with +180 sprays; easily lasting for over 1 month.


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Our Scent Journey Set is a beautiful set of 6 all natural perfumes, expertly formulated to be worn alone or layered to create 350+ unique, beautifully smelling scents.

Layering our perfumes will allow you to create the perfect scent to match your day or your mood. Learn How To Layer Here

Don't worry about lasting power. Our perfumes have been formulated so that they last 6 -7 Hours (longer than most all natural perfumes). So your perfume lasts; ensuring you won't need to reapply every few hours.

Meet The 6 Natural Perfumes In Our Scent Journey Set

Beaches & Palmtrees

Ginger Tea


Temples & Lotuses

Botanical Gardens

White Sandalwood

The Spice Route

Hear From Our Community

No Perfume For Seven Years

I haven’t worn perfume for the last 7 years as they trigger my allergies. I am so glad I gave the scent journey set a try. It didn’t aggravate my allergies and I really liked the natural smell of the scents.


Such Unique Scents

Never smelt anything like this before. Love them so much!

- Anjali





Lasts Long For A Natural Perfume!

  • love these, they are my new favourite. They last quite long for a natural perfume. I love the scents. Lotus and Temples is my fav!
  • - Jamie



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