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Black Gardenia All-Natural Perfume
Black Gardenia All-Natural Perfume
Black Gardenia All-Natural Perfume

Lili Aromatherapy

Black Gardenia All-Natural Perfume


50 ml All Natural Perfume

Woody Scent With Deep Floral Undertones

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Black Gardenia All-Natural Perfume

Black Gardenia All-Natural Perfume


No Additives

No Parabens

No Preservatives

No Synthetics

  • Active Ingredients
  • Use
  • Safety
  • Ingredients

Gardenia Essential Oil

Gardenia essential oil is produced via steam distillation from gardenia flowers, a delicate white flower native to Asia. Gardenias have a delicate floral scent but its benefits are far from delicate. Gardenia essential oil was historically added to perfumes and baths for its libido enhancing abilities.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

In order to balance the beautiful scent of Gardenia, we've added the spicy scent of black pepper to our Black Gardenia perfume. Black pepper has been renowned for centuries for its healing abilities and was even used as a form of currency.

In addition its unique spicy and slightly floral scent, black pepper essential oil has been found to reveal anxiety and reduce tension.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmines are world renowned for their beautiful scent, which is the perfect balance of sweet and strong. It is commonly associated with romance and love being used in south-Asian wedding ceremonies.

Jasmines association with love can be contributed to its aphrodisiac properties. It is commonly known for its ability to induce sensual feelings, improve mood, and boost energy. Just what you need for a romantic night out

Spray perfume 6 to 10 inches away from skin and/or clothing.

Patch Test

As with all products, even natural products, always conduct a patch test before usage of product on skin. Spray perfume directly onto a patch of skin and wait for 12 hours. If no irritation or discomfort occurs, continue to use a directed. If irritation occurs, please consult a physician.

For External Use Only

Do Not Consume

All benefits noted are based on purported benefits of active ingredients and for guidance and/or informative purposes only. Perfumes should not be used for medical purposes and are not intend to cure and/or aid in the treatment of any disease or ailments.

Ingredients: Ethanol; Gardenia Jasminoides Oil; Hyacinthus Oil; Piper Nigrum Oil; Lavandula Oil; Pelargonium Oil; Santalum Album Oil; Jasminum Absolute; Syzygium Aromaticum Bud Oil; Distilled Water