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Trio de Lotus  </br>All-Natural Perfume
Trio de Lotus  </br>All-Natural Perfume
Trio de Lotus  </br>All-Natural Perfume
Trio de Lotus  </br>All-Natural Perfume

Lili Aromatherapy

Trio de Lotus
All-Natural Perfume


Scent Profile: Woody + Deep Floral

Aromatherapy Profile: Calming + Restorative  

Trio De Lotus combines the meditative scents of pink, blue, and white lotus forming a symphony of fragrant pleasure.

Lili Aromatherapy perfumes are specially formulated with unique combinations of essential oils. They are all natural and do not contain any preservatives or artificial fragrances. 

Patch Test

As with all products, even natural products, always conduct a patch test before usage of product on skin. Spray perfume directly onto a patch of skin and wait for 12 hours. If no irritation or discomfort occurs, continue to use a directed. If irritation occurs, please consult a physician.


Spray perfume 6 to 10 inches away from skin and/or clothing.

For External Use Only

Do Not Consume

All benefits noted are based on purported benefits of active ingredients and for guidance and/or informative purposes only. Perfumes should not be used for medical purposes and are not intend to cure and/or aid in the treatment of any disease or ailments.

Pink, Blue, & White Essential Oil

The lotus flower with its beautiful appearance and ability to float on water; is renowned as a symbol of serenity and peace. There are three varieties of lotus flowers; pink, blue, and white. Each variety has a slightly different fragrance but all of the variations of lotus have a delicate, floral, and sweet aroma.

Lotus essential oils are regarded as luxury oils due its difficult and temperamental extraction process. Trio De Lotus is a luxury perfume combining the scents of all three varieties of lotus essential oils.

Matching its luxury status is its profound healing abilities. Lotus essential oil has been renowned through the ages, for its ability improve concentration and focus while easing tension and anxiety.

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Ceylon cinnamon is known as the ‘the real cinnamon’ due to purity, rarity, and benefits. We use pure Ceylon cinnamon leaf essential oil in our Trio De Lotus perfume because we believe our customer deserve the best cinnamon in order to experience all of its wonderful benefits.

Cinnamon leaf essential oil has been known to increase attention span, improve memory, and aid in mental clarity. 

Frankincense Essential Oil

The scent of frankincense beautifully balances the three scents of lotus in Trio De Lotus.  Used for thousands of years for its therapeutic benefits, we selected it in our formulation due its renowned benefit of relieving stress and anxiety. 

Ingredients: Ethanol; Citrus x Aurantiifolia Oil; Lavandula Oil; Nymphaea Caerulea Oil; Nelumbo Nucifera Oil; Nymphaea Lotus Oil; Commiphora Myrrha Oil; Boswellia Oil; Cinnamomum Verum Leaf Essential Oil; Distilled Water

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Trio de Lotus  </br>All-Natural Perfume

Trio de Lotus
All-Natural Perfume